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Our research is showing that life-changing treatments for paralysis are possible, bringing hope to the spinal cord injured (SCI) community.

Share what a future free from paralysis would mean for you or a loved one.

Or maybe you would like to leave a message of hope for the whole of the SCI community, including our network of dedicated researchers.

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Hope for the future

Husband/main carer/hospital worker

My hope is that my wife will one day be able to stand and turn,and no longer need a hoist.that she will be able to do more every day normal things for herself.that her spasms will cease.Also for more opportunities to meet up with people with disabilities.And do hobbies and interests like art and cooking.hopefully more community events for her,better footpaths and a recreational centre that accommodate wheelchair users.hopefully when she gets her electric chair,we can go out more,thank you

Hope for the future